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=head1 About

This is an ansible playbook to install gitlab using ansible.

The main idea of this playbooks (initially it's just an install playbook, but I plan on adding a few others with time - backup, restore, etc) is that you start with a base debian server, on which you install only the dependencies for ansible need to be installed.

=head2 How to use

Assuming a freshly installed debian system, you need to:

apt-get install sudo phyton-simplejson

Add you user to the list of sudoers:

echo your_username ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL >/etc/sudoers.d/ansible

=head2 Set host_vars on you ansible repo

this playbooks use a set of variables that you need to setup on your host or group vars. See the file F for a list.

=head2 What now?

now you checkout this repo into your ansible dir, in gitlab and:

$ ansible-playbook -i gitlab/install.yml

=head2 Support and issues

This playbook is provided as is, it's nice if it is useful for you and if I know how, have time and feel like it, I may help you with any issues you may have.

Feel free to report them at: L

=head2 repos

MagickSource: L Github: L

=head2 License

This files are distributed under GPLv3, see F

=head2 Author

theMage - L