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  theMage 34611ddec0 some more small fixes 3 years ago
  theMage a17b210bad a few small fixes 3 years ago
  theMage fde9e94c90 use mysqli version of real_escape 3 years ago
  theMage af52d1cd6c REQUEST_URI, not REDIRECT_URL 5 years ago
  theMage 5cab9cbada now only for username posts 6 years ago
  theMage ec94ff21f4 fix error after login 6 years ago
  theMage 4ebb4da524 fix paging and redirect on /admin/ for fwd hosts 6 years ago
  theMage 8226e65a26 smarty3 changes 6 years ago
  root 47a6f301e8 order on admin and forward with REDIRECT_URL 10 years ago
  theMage [php] 4c79efb91f Initial release - 0.1.0 . 10 years ago
  theMage [php] 830c896a21 Initial files for webforward 10 years ago