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  theMage b840a4bb96 change version format for pause 7 months ago
  theMage 7c321f62f9 add slurp_file to resource_group 7 months ago
  theMage 648f13d509 v.0.6.1 - remane to Translate::Fluent 7 months ago
  theMage 03b024f786 adding Moo dependency as well. 8 months ago
  theMage e0298e998f links in .md are the other way around? 8 months ago
  theMage 93f34b248c add Regexp::Grammars to list of dependencies 8 months ago
  theMage a35c2e2988 documents and ready to release initial version 8 months ago
  theMage a648c0e373 slurp_directory and pods 8 months ago
  theMage 1ca115f754 a few more test to ResourceGroup 8 months ago
  theMage c31bb44ebb more test and resource group base 8 months ago
  theMage 60fda9c7c2 files to be ignored when checking the MANIFEST 8 months ago
  theMage 0d4c3e7151 remove xt. update MANIFEST 8 months ago
  theMage a464f9a992 added more functionality: 8 months ago
  theMage 35c1180875 initial version of the parser 1 year ago
  theMage 99370aec00 use README.md instead of README 1 year ago
  theMage 79e205729b initial files as generated by module-starter 1 year ago