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  theMage 9f17281709 only show last failed box if there are failed jobs 3 years ago
  theMage 7f08dfd561 only show 4 dashlets at a time 3 years ago
  theMage 5a4f46ab18 fix issue with group names 3 years ago
  theMage 430011730a update group->next_run on job end 3 years ago
  theMage 8e1dbfd22f make them runnable 4 years ago
  theMage 07c9c3ccb2 warn on fail to generate next cron-like runtime 4 years ago
  theMage fbbe5e361f fix warnings 4 years ago
  theMage 35eab7e724 v0.2.0 - initial release - fully operational 4 years ago
  theMage 4d745c4514 job related actions 4 years ago
  theMage e1aa9c8f5f list jobs 4 years ago
  theMage 511abc92e7 fix bugs in dashboard 4 years ago
  theMage 7e60bb6ba9 group admin and initial job admin 4 years ago
  theMage 22e936fe99 rename and re-elect groups 4 years ago
  theMage 1c23753883 admin: dashboard and group list 4 years ago
  theMage 3f030a4c92 some more fixes 4 years ago
  theMage a52cf9a11c some progress on the admin UI 4 years ago
  theMage d4ff74fbd5 hercules cron running daemon 4 years ago
  theMage 2b1747c993 initial README.md with the goal for the project 4 years ago