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  theMage 84a40634ff less verbose retrying 4 years ago
  theMage 3ae47b14f3 retry on new, not on queue_new 4 years ago
  theMage 4471978e7e opsy 4 years ago
  theMage 347b7d4808 some more complex failure management 4 years ago
  theMage 0aa3ee18f5 give up on episodes that fail too much 4 years ago
  theMage 72082c545a more debug - show file names 4 years ago
  theMage db67f261a4 change url and add RETORRENT 4 years ago
  theMage 03c90fbc08 eztv.it again 4 years ago
  theMage 5d3578c148 use eztv-proxy instead of eztv.ch 4 years ago
  theMage 1e23ee4b35 reget needed some tweak 4 years ago
  theMage 6934c76d21 eztv.it moved 4 years ago
  theMage 49b89664c8 imporve order of lists 4 years ago
  theMage e0f4725e21 imporve order of lists 4 years ago
  theMage 6b196c0b29 opsy 4 years ago
  theMage c90f50c5a4 handle 599 specially and add some longer timeouts 4 years ago
  theMage 5961308da3 eztv - support for cookies and https 5 years ago
  theMage 4967b0dbd0 retry on 409 and consistent season directories 5 years ago
  theMage feb455bc1b remove some debug 5 years ago
  theMage faafa4ee6b add the option to configure the priorities 5 years ago
  theMage ccf2738a3a fix warning for \d+x\d+ episode number 5 years ago
  theMage 970aac945b example config file 5 years ago
  theMage 02d755000f expire transmission session 5 years ago
  theMage 41a6603252 bug 5 years ago
  theMage 34ddaee5c0 add multiple priorities 5 years ago
  theMage 43f3cddfe1 small warning 5 years ago
  theMage 874cd55604 remove some testing code 5 years ago
  theMage 4cf8105724 less debug 5 years ago
  theMage 8fbdf8b71a alias for some commands 5 years ago
  theMage 94afb22d10 some more info on transmission error 5 years ago
  theMage 2e05bab603 make cinepantufas.pl +x 5 years ago
  theMage fa19fad29b small improvement 5 years ago
  theMage 5cda9a8941 cinepantufas v.0.1 5 years ago