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  theMage 8795e4f2c3 Add some more info on v0.0.1 9 years ago
  theMage d1923cf1ff Add Changelog, that will be kept from now on 9 years ago
  theMage 66164076f5 fetch tasks working 9 years ago
  theMage a51c389102 handle workers output and task assigning 9 years ago
  theMage f7168e89c8 A bit more code on the way to start running tasks 9 years ago
  theMage 43c6c66881 Several more code in the way to 0.0.1 9 years ago
  theMage de97da2206 change the code struct for HTTPD 9 years ago
  Marco Neves 6c17e308b2 add split to the task types on README 9 years ago
  theMage 124b493b55 a few more line on the master httpd 9 years ago
  theMage 261574a5bb just to test auto-push to github 9 years ago
  theMage 065b52de07 First few lines of code. 9 years ago
  theMage 14cbccfffe README - A bit about the ideia for the project. 9 years ago