Scripts to install a named server from scratch using bind9 in debian 1.1KB

    #!/bin/bash set -e if [ ! -f /etc/debian_version ]; then echo -e "${RED}ERROR: This install file was created for debian$NOCOLOR" echo -e "$YELLOW * this doesn't seem to be running in debian.$NOCOLOR" echo -e "$YELLOW Bailing out!!$NOCOLOR" exit 1; fi debian_version=$( cat /etc/debian_version ) OPENOPS_DEB_VERSION=$debian_version # TODO(maybe) = use $0 directory as the default? OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR=${OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR:-"/tmp/named-server"} if [ ! -d $OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR ]; then echo "**** ERROR: Expected OpenOps Named in $OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR" echo " --- Directory not found" echo "you can export OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR=<...> to define where it is" exit 1; fi cd "$OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR" # just some shared functions source $OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR/common/ # read settings source $OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR/common/ # install the needed packages source $OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR/common/ # setup chroot env source $OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR/setup/ # setup config files source $OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR/setup/ # setup tool to update the zones source $OPENOPS_NAMED_DIR/setup/