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  theMage 8a968ab4b8 no need to have content outside of the if 5 years ago
  theMage e8037b58c1 revert the order of item in the Changes file 5 years ago
  theMage 92fb813154 add changes on Changes files 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak ed308f46ea Updated changes file. 5 years ago
  Marco Neves 6cdf75d523 Merge pull request #6 from themage/master 5 years ago
  Marco Neves 1062e34b69 report errors on multiget 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak b6a5c959cc Added dtcyganov to list of authors. 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak a9c9d22751 Added strict mode. Defaults to false. If activated, the hbase handle 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 750f291571 More debug info for failed requests 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak cc04f4c610 Allow scans with pefix '0' 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 1d55967a44 Don't create HTTP::Tiny in each request. Create it in constructor and 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak fd3dafe408 Fix syntax error in t/uri_gen.t 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak b5813bd510 Merge branch 'dtcyganov-long-columns-names-fix' 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 47c120187f Merge branch 'long-columns-names-fix' of https://github.com/dtcyganov/HBase-JSONRest into dtcyganov-long-columns-names-fix 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 652c4c5270 Merge pull request #4 from dtcyganov/multiget-urls-fix 5 years ago
  dtcyganov 93f2499213 Fixed get request with many columns or long columns names: 5 years ago
  dtcyganov 1326bc3137 Multiget fixed: 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 3ffa80a050 Updated changes file. Bumped version to 0.040. 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 17589ddfff Cleenup 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak b2f3cf2dbc Scanner API improvments 5 years ago
  tsheasha 815a767597 Adding T Sheasha to list of contributors 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 7e852413d1 Merge pull request #3 from tsheasha/master 5 years ago
  Tarek Sheasha cb96743e17 Supporting retrieval of an arbitrary number of columns when using `get`. 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 80a1bc6e70 Scanner performance impovements and bug fixes: 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak ce9d82270b Bug fixes. Updated Changes file. Bumped version to 0.032 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 173b6f1010 Bumped version to 0.031 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 615ca595fa Update MANIFEST file 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 32c7e270c2 Added uri_gen tests for scanners. 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 71047c47f1 Added support for stateless REST scanners 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 3238653f41 Merge pull request #2 from artikh/patch-1 5 years ago
  Artem Tikhomirov 6ba2f175b9 Typo fix in documentation 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 08fcfad7a2 Bump version to 0.021 5 years ago
  Bosko Devetak f8ebfe441c Bug fix for missing uri_escape of a key in _build_multiget_uri. 5 years ago
  bosko 35b9818852 Updated Changes file 6 years ago
  Robert Nilsson ed0587c131 Added Robert Nilsson to list of contribs 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak db0c95461b Added pod for new options: 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 76b61939f8 Added option to override timestamps. 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 844ebc3e81 Timestamp range query should be enabled only if columns are specified 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 029d3bc7b6 Added test for timestamp range uri gen 6 years ago
  Robert Nilsson bed9e5df42 Fixed call to _extract_error_tiny(...) in delete(...). 6 years ago
  Robert Nilsson ac5ffdc36c Added delete({...}) instance method. 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 034a5a5355 Moved multiget uri generation to separate method. 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak c202388d82 Moved uri generator code to separate method for get. 6 years ago
  Eric Herman 9ff0b6298a fix warnings 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 7190797efa Updated POD. 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 2522882fcf Bump version to 0.011. Correction to comment for get function. 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 90ddd0664e Merge pull request #1 from ericherman/master 6 years ago
  Eric Herman fc50ce03f7 add URI to error message, and a hint for confusing error msg 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak f6f05ad41c Added support for multiget. 6 years ago
  Bosko Devetak 3a6afdb78c Bumped version to 0.005 6 years ago