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  theMage 51f19011dc helper to handle all the input validation errors 3 weeks ago
  theMage 99e99712e0 fix a typo in a comment 3 weeks ago
  theMage 8e4cd42c47 add helper translate => __ - more readable? 3 weeks ago
  theMage 0d5c08ab9e add samesite='Lax' policy to cookies 3 weeks ago
  theMage edb69a9fbf add api_fail helper and a warn for undef registers 3 weeks ago
  theMage 000ab5da0f anonymous users are still a user 3 weeks ago
  theMage 0c29be16fe missing class on right sidebar 3 weeks ago
  theMage e48df7b20d return $self on register - needed later 3 weeks ago
  theMage c3fc6a1c25 needed for inline_login 3 weeks ago
  theMage 9d219debac add support for inline login 3 months ago
  theMage 403e4aae95 fix api routes - specifically, the not authorized 3 months ago
  theMage 40d8778eab add support for sitevars for js 3 months ago
  theMage 13e9e03a8b replace jquery.slim with jquery 3 months ago
  theMage 1a3ea9bfab fix plugged typo and auto-register public dirs 3 months ago
  theMage c6e1caf039 only add a new line if needed 3 months ago
  theMage 62b29bfefb move html>head and end of body to includes 3 months ago
  theMage de4a75801c add selectize for taginput fields 3 months ago
  theMage c1b15758a4 move html_hook to a package 3 months ago
  theMage 2734280058 add login fields to form - if user is not logged 3 months ago
  theMage 5fa46d31da move login fields to an include for reuse 3 months ago
  theMage 3ac83497ea add template w/o sidebars, but with header/footer 3 months ago
  theMage b682b18504 a couple of small fixes 3 months ago
  theMage 181c407481 fix typo and add hook comment 3 months ago
  theMage 57a6f2f76e allow apps to add a topmenu inside of the header 3 months ago
  theMage 9837feb852 Not sure where this should be... testing 3 months ago
  theMage 1b8a1589fd app not needed to register translations 3 months ago
  theMage 3072560575 add user_has_right - implementation was missing 4 months ago
  theMage f2d6dbb324 use $c->user_has_right instead of $user->has_right 4 months ago
  theMage 7faf25fb86 default format for endpoints in /api is json 4 months ago
  theMage 6181c8547c $app->helper instead of $app->renderer... 4 months ago
  theMage cdda539354 add missing $c to login_successful 4 months ago
  theMage 502d2b39c3 use SorWeTo::Server::Routes instead of Mojo::Routes 4 months ago
  theMage 978b9f336d basic layout with sidebar 5 months ago
  theMage d9945a48a3 add jquery.slim - needed for bootstrap 5 months ago
  theMage 11e1155cc3 add support for hostname from config 5 months ago
  theMage 5ecaff19d2 opsy - one too many ; 5 months ago
  theMage 6f092a0f88 add support for some common routes 5 months ago
  theMage d4a6d20e2b add support for destination after login 5 months ago
  theMage d3adb2de2d add a placeholder method to check user permissions 5 months ago
  theMage b3e5e73879 remove some debug 5 months ago
  theMage 3bffdfcee4 login with username 5 months ago
  theMage 173f2811e3 some more work to make login work 5 months ago
  theMage 9564e4faf9 new templates, based on bootstrap+tabler 5 months ago
  theMage abf9bfd14a base template is now based on tabler 5 months ago
  theMage b3f074a0fb add tabler themes for bootstrap 5 months ago
  theMage d623305cbf update fontawesome to 5.14 5 months ago
  theMage 40702077af upgrade bootstrap to 4.5.0 6 months ago
  theMage 4e2d054474 some more progress on login with email 6 months ago
  theMage 95cd516dc7 sql file to create the tables 6 months ago
  theMage 971ea89bb9 template for errors 6 months ago